Our Beliefs

We believe in recognizing the beauty and usefulness which exists in everyday life. Creating unusual opportunities from interesting items, we dare to be different. We design and build art and furniture from new and repurposed items and think outside the box and strive to be unique. We are in the moment and ReDeFine….

Our Story

Elise Whalen is the driving force behind Sullivan’s ReDeFind becoming a reality.  She had spent many years in the health care field and decided to pursue a new direction for her career.  She has always had a love of art and a passion for decorating with a keen eye for color and balance.  One day a lightbulb appeared above her head while visiting the scrap metal facility she and her husband owned.  She recognized various items in and around the yard which had beauty and usefulness left in them and were begging for a future life.  She played a little with some items, put this piece with that, mixed in a little paint and color, and boom…a unique design was born!  Furthermore, her cousin, Britt Savage, is joining her in designing and procuring our unique products.  She and Elise inherited their strong creative sense, design, and talent from their Gram Mihelcic who always had a flair for art and creative pieces.  This creative collaboration will increase the products and variety of items we will showcase.

Our Roots

Elise & Mike Whalen RedefindOur roots date back to the early part of the 20th Century when TM Sullivan & Sons was formed in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.  Rags, paper, and  scrap metals were recovered, collected, repurposed, and recycled to give an after life to many used or worn commodities.  Today our sister company, Sullivan’s Scrap Metals, has grown to be a leader in the industry and a trend setter in the positive appearance, experience, and feel of what a scrap metal yard should be. Having this positive relationship, we are able to procure many unique materials and pieces which are incorporated into the products at Sullivan’s ReDeFind.  This full circle approach to our materials and products truly sets us apart from the industries we serve.  Dare to be different!

Our Commitment

We believe in fair trade and the basis of our free market system which is the cornerstone to the economy of our great country.  We also fully believe that there are tremendous opportunities to purchase materials from USA made companies and incorporating them into our business.  It is a win/win situation when one can buy locally/domestically and help keep a job which contribute to the economic cycle.  Many times products cost the same as ones found domestically.  However, even if it is a little more, we are committed to this mantra and the consistency and quality one gets to boot.  Know that you are helping do your part when you buy our products.